Arizona Rustic Frames

Arizona Rustic Frames

Love the look, the feel, the style of the Southwest? Need the perfect finishing touch for your Arizona home, or maybe a gift for friends who wish they lived in Arizona? Let us introduce you to our exclusive Arizona Rustic Frames.


Made in Arizona


Available in 7 rich stains and 5 different profiles, these beautiful and modern-rustic picture frames are handmade and stained to order. The wood’s unique grain, knots, and cracks are all exposed differently when sanded, stained, and lacquered, making each framed equally unique and equally stunning.

Add Some Bling

And if plain-Jane stain is not your thing, we have 15 authentically-Western embellishments that can be added to make your Arizona Rustic frame unique. From old shotgun casings to rusty nail heads to barbed wire, we’ll soon have your art, your photos, your mirrors sayin’ “Yipee-Ki-Yay”!


Rob, Our Master-Craftsman


Rob, holding his creation to the left, the creator of these stunning frames has worked for Hall of Frames for just over 11 years now, and has most likely built one of the frames currently gracing your walls! And in his spare time, he channels his well-honed talents to create these charming frames to your individual taste.

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